Klimenko: Russia is ready to be disconnected from the global Internet

Klimenko: Russia is ready to be disconnected from the global Internet

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on issues related to the Internet, Herman Klimenko in interview to the program «Pozdnyakov», published on the website of the TV channel NTV, said that Russia is technically ready to be disconnected from the global Internet, although the process will not be painless.

Internet regulation – the way in which the whole world, and Russia is no exception, says Klimenko. However, the extreme variations like the North Korean or Cuban is not our choice, he said in an interview with NTV.

The publication contained the following statement Klimenko: «When they say: «And will we have a Chinese Internet?» – I honestly say: no. So the man sighs in relief. I say: because we have no Chinese. You know, any law is inconsistent with the population, right? That is always superimposed mentality, always imposed some of his features. It is the whole structure… So we will have our own Internet, it will be with its some… just like in America, and in Europe its Just… there are things for them unimaginable. That is, it’s like… I don’t know, we can blame the Australian aborigines for the manufacture of boomerangs from valuable breeds of a tree. But for them it is not real wood. For them it is a way of life.»

«Technically we are ready for any action now crashes always when switching from one technology to another. There is a good claim that any system is characterized by error and failure, and reaction to mistakes and failures… If tomorrow our colleagues will disconnect us from the switch, I don’t know if it’s painless, I promise that painless. I am sure that will not be painless. Somewhere someone’s something off. Probably, it turns out that someone stored their data abroad, although there is a decision to store here. Someone domains your hostel abroad. So they’re probably going to experience some difficulties. But on its own hardware and software and there are no contraindications that we live good and normal, even if we declare such a war as the Crimean isolation,» – said Klimenko.

«All the officials, all state institutions are so great «Chinese firewall». What all of us afraid. But all of them are alive,» – said the presidential adviser.


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